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Miniatures dollhouse pendent lamp easy to do kays dollhouse page

The page er finish, but i still working on this kind af lampe, just today i have found a new plastik protector in my new deodorant it will be a nice lamp.

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You can use almost every round, oval and mushroom form for making my lamps and lampshade,


Some of my form for my lamp

als you see, some of the things I have use for my lamp, some mushroom form, bottle stopper bung (place will some one send me a mail, whit the correct word) one top from a deodorant stick, a round wooden disc and a pearl of wood glue on it, kinder egg  I use plaster to fill up any soft thing like (kindereeg)

You can also see some form I have made on my lathe, but every thing can be use,  in the form of a lamp/ lampshade, alls you can see, I have use some other form you can see it on some of the pictures.

You also need some cling film itís important, donít forget, if you want to remove the lamp/shade from the form.

White glue you donít have to buy the most expensive, I always buy a regular one, and I use it for almost everything thing, also on, wary fine fabric, and water for thinning the glue.

Also many rubber band, to twist around the fabric close to the end where the form and fabric meet, see it on the pictures,

You can use almost any fabric, but you have to find out yourself, wary thin and silk are not the best to use.

You have to find the centre on the form, (arrow) and you also have to place a needle or similar into this hole, for later use, for the top/ centre for the electric wire

For the hole for the wire can you use a lot of thing, like those on the picture,.


Now to the fun part, wrap the form into cling film, and place the fabric over the film, here you see the needle in the middle of the hole


Turn rubber band around the base of the fabric you have so must fabrik over so you can pull in it.  paint thin white glue all over the fabric,

Now it just one thing to do, pull in the fabric so hard you can, from every angle, and use more thin glue, donít let the fabric dry out (between you also can use water)  to most white glue will making the lamp fabric shining/glossy that you also have to find out by yourself, more pulling from any angle,  more pull, and more rubber band close to the for form, itís a lot of work. ry to press the wrinkle out whit help from you  nails, all do the same all over again into every thing see correct out, you will learn it from lamp to lamp, do you find the lamp looking good smooth and whit out any wrinkle, you can let it dry.


The round wooden disc and the pearl of wood glue on to it, itís just to same like the upper ones,

All wary smooth and dry and ready  to the next step

Its easy just cut around the edge and you will have you first almost finish fabric lamp

The  round wooden disc and the pearl, take a wooden plate or similar place the knife on the plate, turn the disc press the knife into the wood, and you will cut it out,


All cut out from the form. nice and clean

To making the lamp stabile, you have to glue in a wire, I the same size as the inside the lamp


You can use a round stick a little bit thinner as the inside the lamp, as pattern  to turn the wire around, you have to cut the wire correctly, then you have soldering the wire together, you can maybe use fast glue.

Glue in the metal wire ring, I have use white glue  

if the hole for he fitting not are big enough, you can use a drill gentle into the small hole.

Now you can decorate the lamp whit burca or similar I have use a paper gold ornament

the finish on the top of the lampshade. And where the wire go true the lampshade, a little selection of thing I have found and collected for these use,

Just a lot of things you alls old dollhouse hobby enthusiast already have collected ,

Some of the finished lamp

On the wire  

All you see lot of lamp made of things you already have in you home. On the internet on Saturday 19-07-2008  16.29 pm  

Any question send my a mail

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