I will give  apologize to does i have be bad to.

This day was one of my bad dayís ever

This site seems to be a better one,  there are almost every we can use for our hobby

I have say sorry for the thing i have don against the Italian site owner,

I have got this mail


I'm Barbara Dezza of miniB, italian miniaturist...
I have done a new website!
The great community of international miniaturism!!! in four languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish.

Forums in English, italian, french and spanish, personal photo galleries, Miniatures WEBZINE in English and italian, TUTORIALS, WORKSHOPS ON LINE and any more....THE REGISTRATION IS FREE!! ALL IS FREE...Forums, quarterly WEBzine, Tutorials...EXCEPT the personal photos galleries, they are a payment service, 3 galleries to choice of 10 photos each (TOTALLY 30 PHOTO!!!)+ write personal page (Blog):
3 months --- 9,00 Euro (approx 15,00 USD for 3 personal photo galleries and 30 pics!!)
6 MONTHS: 17,00 Euro.12 months: 30,00 Euro (discounted). Payment with Paypal.

t's also the possibily the adervtising in the quarterly webzine miniature: WSM WEBzine. 40 pagesto colors.

The website is open SINCE TEN DAYS and there are already more than 300 registrations of miniaturists of the worldwide! And Thousand of seen pages every day. And more than hundreds visits!!!

Also you can enter in the great community of the miniaturism!!

I wait you!

p.s. If this email had already been transmitted you, I apologize.

Barbara- MiniB

The GREAT Communuty of Miniaturism:



And I donít have any,  no how to, how my computer work , I  no nothing, anything about server internet and other things on my computer, and am I making a lot of stubbed things almost every day, and yesterday was one of  the real bad ones  

I was looking for new templates in frontpage on the net, and have work on my own computer I have a lots of thing going on and Ist was not correct to send you the bad bad mail How I made that, I donít have any explanation,I have thinking ower this sins yesterday,  but I have write, cut and set in this homepage address into a box, I think I was also busy working on some of my own homepage to download some of them, I use a old frontpage program, and if I open the file I left corner can I only see four of my home pages, when I have visited more and four, then thee are the file gliding down and the file a are gone.

The homepages are maybe somewhere in my computer, but I can find them again, therefore have I to download them again, almost every day I have in my frustration also downloaded this homepage, but I have not expect, that this are possible whiteout any  password, and others without the owners permission, but its so easy and every one can do that, If I not have hat a bad day, and all thing was a day in a horror mowie, I will have seen the strange bird into my birdcage, I go into panic, and I have this homepage on my computer, and every picture from my homepage, have I seen, I was mad I was very mad, then I write a mail a wary angry mail,  and all the things I will do to them in my bad English to the owner, I think every one will do, I see nothing eels, that thee have stolen all my things and downloaded to this homepage I see them all on my computer.

But now are I not so sure anymore, and I say sorry for that,  be curse I cant take the written word back, IF those picture not are on the Italian site, where can the ells come from? Can I whit help from this Italian homepage, open my own pictures on my computers ?  Do/can someone on the nets give me answer, ob that are potential, I will feel better whit my  conscience, if it also can be done this way,

Sorry to everyone I have angrily whit my mails,