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The stove is made by wave cardboard (corrugated cardboard mini) and the ornaments are from paper.

You can use all kind off materials, tree, and cardboard and paper pipes.

Hoods with ornaments, can be used other places, like kitchen stoves, chest and s.o.

You have to use a hobby knife, white glue and maybe a model, otherwise you can se it in the tekst.

Fig. 01 02  is a close piece  from top to the bottom . 

Fig. 03 04 glues on the stove (inside) so it stays round ( is not at necessary.)

Fig. 05 dismissed

Fig. 06 The lid finish (see  explanation later)

Fig. 07 Underpart.

Fig. 08 dismissed 

Fig. 09. The lid finish  (see expanation later )

Fig. part.

Fig. 11 12 Paper ornaments.

Fig. 13  This kind of material you bye in a store with material for chairs and so one.

Tegning 01. All sizes are in mm. 

This size fits to the paper I both.

The stove is in principle to pipes who are fitting together

 OBS. The top part have to sit tight in the bottom part , it can be necessary to cut a little from the site.

The wave cardboard glues together, glue a little tape inside so it sticks together

Round cardboard pieces, glue it on one end, support piece    

The top pipe

To make sure that the pipe stays round, glue some round pieces in the pipe,

Use a model

The bottom pipe    Here we glue a round piece in the bottom


Make sure they fit nicely, Start at the back. fig. 01 02


Close the pipe, you can use the lid of a paint can.

Obs. If you no how high your stove has to be, than you can just glue the pipes together.


 Glue the ornaments on around the thick cardboard piece

The  cord

You can use a piece of golden cord or just plain white and than paint it or spray it.


And than glue the cord around the ornaments

Let the cord start at the backside.



I have paint the ornament also, on the inside and the top of the pipe with gold bronze

Glue a piece of paper in the inside of the pipe, so if you set the lids on, they don’t fall inside.

The lids.


 The lids you can make by laying the lid over the hole and than use a pencil

The lids are made from thick cardboard

OBS. Make the lids a little bigger, so they fit when you bent them  

The lids       

Paint the lids black, before you put the ornaments on.



Trey to experiment with the material you have, and cut 4 equal pieces and glue them on the lid.

Use white glue, so you cant se it.

Now you glue the lid in place.

wpe32.jpg (11207 byte)

  Material for the lids

Use the drill machine to make nice wholes in the left site of the lid about 2-3 mm from the site, se the arrow

Make it from 1,5 mm Ø messing


Handle is about ca. 5 mm.

The handles are ca. 10-mm. One way 6-7 mm. The other way.

wpe66.jpg (19600 byte)

Handles glue on right site of the lid, se the arrows.

  wpe10F.jpg (12075 byte)

Place the handles in the wholes.

If you have a problem with making the stove, please mail me.


















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