dollhouse miniatures tutorials  diy doll's pram in scale 1:12

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I have made two Dolls pram one in reed and one in blue,  

All you need for this project are:


White glue

Fast glue

Foil those  you can glue on anywhere

Drawing pin

Thin drill

4 pin you can find pin in Black

Black ink pen.

Hobby knife

Red or blue oil paint or acrylic you can also spay those, 

The rest can you see on the picture

The drawings are in 1:1 , in scale 1:12, but you can making the drawings big are small so it can be made in any scale you wont

The dolls pram are made from cardboard glue together whit white glue


  Drawing for the reed Doll's pram   

 Drawing for the blue Doll's pram  for bigger drawing  clik on 

The out cuttings  for the reed one

Use a thin drill to make  the hole for the Wheel and the movable top. 

 The cardboard for the end you have to bend those, you have to roll those, whit a round stick and you have to press it down in some hard and soft foam rubber or similar


 Those two bendet end, are glue into the two side  pieces



You  can see the end and the bottom glue into the side (the stiplet linie)


glue the bottom down from the upper side.


The top     

Bend the long pieces,  glue togeher and cut off the out standing cardboard whit a hobby knif


The handle are bendet (steel) wire 1mm. Ø

The handle have to be the same sizes as the dolls’ pram

It easy to bend it if you are making a pattern like my, in the size of the pram

The handle bend into a nice look

Making also a nice angle like the picture


  Paint the handle

Paint the dolls pram before  you are assemble the wheel on and the folding top.

Make at thin stripe from the foil for the top 


Hold the top close on the place where the top have to stay and drill a small hole


Press a brass pin through the hole

Place the handle into the richt angle an glue it whit a tiny drop fo super glue

The wheel are made from drawing pins I have paint them whit a black ink (tire)use also a foil for the center of the wheel 


the blue one are wery easy to make

The decorations on the side are small heart, i have made whit a cutter 

 Have fun

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