Gas ring

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This gas ring are made from cardboard, not to thin

The corner are glue together, edge to edge, the size are currect yov can print them aut, glue the print on the  cardboard with  white glue, and cut them aut whit a hobbykneife

  Drawings 1:1
  Photo 1 Cut the gas ring out


 Photo 2 you have to making two holes 1 mm . Ø for the gas regulator

Photo 3  use a  flat-nose tongs, to bend the side down, place the tongs under the line and bend the  top side down, if you do this way the bending will be round, you can make a scratch on the underside whit a knife,

Photo 4  The corner are glue together, edge to edge,

Phofo 5 For the place where the pot have to stay I have made those from 1 mm , to 1,5 cardboard

Photo 6 I have use one screw for the hole, if not the cardboard will fall down in the hole 

Photo 7 glue the cardboard on drawing line  

9oto  cut the cardboard end away 

  photo 10 you can paint the gas ring whit paint in Denmark we have them must in blue 



! mm. brass wire, stars/tootht nut 7 mm Ø  and small pipe or a round stick


    regulatoren are made from a round cardboard made whit a hole tongs

The pipe for the gas

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