kays dollhouse pages, miniatures lamp,  miniatures lamp tutorials, miniatures lamp diy pages, easy miniatures lamp

Pleat lamp shades and lamps  

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kays dollhouse pages, miniatures lamp,  miniatures lamp tutorials, miniatures lamp diy pages, easy miniatures lamp

Lamp shades and lamps

Materials: 2 paper copies of a ruler, 9 mm thick wood plate with perpendicular edges about 22,5 cm x 32,0 cm or a drawing board (to be used as cutting pad), a square, white glue which dries up pale, thin paper, scotch tape, stanley knife, needle and sewing thread, beads, thin metal wire with electric bulb.


Fig. 1                                                             Fig. 2

Fig. 1   Show the cutting board

The arrows indicate how the copy of the two rulers is glued lengthwise to the edges.

Fig. 2 Showing the square attached to the cutting board.


  Photo 2. The width of the lamp shades marked.

Photo 3  
Here it is shown how to mark the lines evenly; by using the ruler. With the aid of a square it is easy to scratch all the lines ex. with a distance of 3 mm (this makes it easier to fold the paper shade). Use a poor stanley knife, a needle or something which donít cut through the paper.



Photo. 6
Make a tool like photo 6 out of wood. The tool is used to fix the folded lamp shade, while you drill a hole. The hole is made out of a 3 mm thick and 1 cm width list. Cut three pieces with 3,5 cm length and one piece in 2- 2,5 cm length. The short list is glued between two pieces of 3,5 cm . The last part is used to fasten the folded paper shade while you drill the hole, see photo 9.

Photo 7  Showing how easy the paper is folded as you have marked/scratched with a knife or needle.

Photo. 8  The lamp shade is pressed into the wood fixture.

  Photo. 9. The list used to hold the shade while you drill.

  Photo 10. Drill a hole about 1,5- 2 mm from the edge.

Photo 11. Remove the paper shade from the fixture without removing the needle.


Photo 12. Shows the holes drilled in the lamp shade.

  Photo 12, 13. Thread the needle with a sewing thread in the same colour as the paper, and pull the sewing thread through the lamp shade.

  Photo 14. 15 16. Glue together the lamp shade.

  Photo 17. 18. Make a knot and pull the thread together, leave a small opening in the top of the lamp shade.

  Photo 19. 20 Fill glue into the opening in the top.

  Photo 21. Maybe you will need to pull together the shade again

Foto Foto 22. 23.

  Photo 22. 23. 24. Depending on how tall you want the lamp shade, place a bead under the shade and press down something heavy until the glue is dry. Cut away spare thread.

You can decorate the lamp shade with a bow.

  Photo 25. 26. 

Finished lamp shades, one hanging down from the ceiling, the white lamp shade is used as ceiling rosette or direct mount on the wall. The border on the white lamp shade is painted before folding with a gold pen, and a gold bead is glued in the middle.

The lamps can be made out of beads or other materials which look like lamp, only your fantasy sets the limits (for inspiration you can look in lamp catalogues).

  Photo 27. 28.

Two lamps, the red bead is cut flat. Mill a groove for the electric wire.


  Photo. 29 30. Lamp shade, shade fixture and lamp with electric bulb.

The fixture for the lamp sshade is made out of a thin metal wire. Bend the wire in a size adjusted to your lamp shade.

  Showing how to attach the shade fixture. Place the fixture beside the bulb and glue. The middle of bend wire (see the arrow on the photo), is place just above the bulb. Hint; do not glue the fixture direct onto the bulb, if the bulb burns out, it will make it easier to replace the bulb.

  Use plenty of glue.

  The fixture is glued onto the lamp shade.


  Different shade fixtures and lamp shades.

Mount wire with bulb, use tacky glue.

Have fun